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Ormond Studios

Ormond Studios is a non-hierarchal self-organised art initiative, founded by and for emerging artists. The primary aim of Ormond Studios is to provide a centrally situated, affordable and discursive work studio with facilities for emerging visual artists in Dublin.


Established in August 2009 by recent graduates of various art colleges in Dublin, this not-for-profit organisation recognises the need for affordable workspaces in the city. The studio is collaboratively run and organised by the resident artists.


The programme of events offered by Ormond Studios reiterates the studio’s dedication to emerging artists and to a peer to peer learning environment. Past events include: Ormond Studios Graduate Programme 2010, Practice the Ormond Studios Lecture Series, Peer Group Critiques, Open Studios events, Studio exchanges and associated activities that promote engagement with the wider art community, contemporary art practices and critical debate. The members of Ormond Studios strive to engage with like-minded national and international art spaces. In the past, this ambition has been realised through a series of studio exchanges with other art organisations in Ireland, namely Basement Project Space, Cork and Cow House Studios, Wexford.