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Independent Studio Artists

Independent Studios Ltd are situated at number 16 and number 11 Eustace St. in Temple Bar.  They have been in existence as group studios for over 30 years, starting out in 1981 as ‘Studio 16’. They represent one of the oldest group studios in the area and indeed Dublin.  In 1998 the buildings (which are over 250 years old) were restored and adapted for use as studios. The age of the buildings together with their history as domestic spaces and the city centre location give the studios a very particular atmosphere and a good working environment for the ten resident artists. Over the years Independent Studios have provided low cost, comfortable working space for more then 60 artists and have taken part in numerous events and open days. Independent Studios is a limited company with a board made up of artists, curators and professionals from outside the arts community. Studios are advertised publicly when spaces arise and residencies are typically two to three years.