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Black Church Print Studio

Established in 1982, Black Church Print Studio is an artistic collective and one of the leading contemporary fine art print studios in Ireland. It is located in an award-winning, purpose built premises in the heart of Dublin’s city centre. The Studio is fully equipped for lithography, etching, relief, screen and digital printmaking. It provides 24-hour access to Members with full-time technical and administrative support. Non-members can also access the Studio facilities through various access, education and outreach programmes. It offers a dynamic artistic programme. It is a non-profit organisation and is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.


Debora Ando
Aida Bangoura
Ella Bertillsson
Kate Betts
Lucy Braddell
Margaret Bradish
Bob Byrne
Caroline Byrne
Niamh Clancy
Monika Crowley
Jennifer Cunningham
Grainne Dowling
Karina Drogowska
Barbara Dunne
Aoife Dwyer
Declan Finn
Emma Finucane
Mary A. Fitzgerald
Jane Garland
Ann Gilleece
Joan Gleeson
John Graham
Paz Guadalix
Cathy Henderson
Raymond Henshaw
Karen Johnson
Margaret Kallen
Ann Kavanagh
Catherine Kelly
Robert Kelly
Tomasz Knapik
Elaine Leader
Catriona Leahy
Maureen Levy
Rachel Likely
Mairead Lynch
Anthony Lyttle
Colm Mac Athlaoich
Anja Mahler
Marie Louise Martin
Colin Martin
Hugh McCarthy
Fiona McDonald
David McGinn
Mary McGrath
Tom McGuirk
Margaret McLoughlin
Tom Moore
Anna O'Byrne
Rachel O'Hara
Sean O'Sullivan
Geraldine O’Reilly
Sinead O’Reilly
Louise Peat
Leila Pedersen
Alison Pilkington
Atoosa Pour Hosseini
Piia Rossi
Michelle Russell
Pamela Ryan
Vincent Sheridan
Dorothy Smith
Tracy Staunton
Nicole Tilley
Natalia Tysiak
Linda Uhlemann
Yvan Vansevenant

Kath Van Utrecht
Annraoi Wyer